The Marketeers

Dianne Johnston started The Marketeer in 2009 to bring about change in the offer consultancies provided to businesses.  She brings to your business over 20 years of media, PR and marketing experience.  This enables her to understand and to work quickly with you and your challenges to make projects and campaigns happen quickly, effectively and successfully.


“I want to understand your business needs and create realistic, practical, down to earth, creative campaigns that grow the brand and the business and fulfill your objectives”

Dianne started her career as a sound engineer and roadie, moving to 3DB as an electronics technician where she studied this field.  While working in radio she developed an interest in promotions, PR, marketing and producing.  From there she went on to develop an opportunity to produce a talk back program at 3UZ and as a result increased the ratings by obtaining notable guests such as Professor Alan Fels (at that time head of the ACCC).   

Dianne then went on to work on the Mike Carlton, John Tingle and Stephen O’Doherty programs at 2GB.  From there she started her marketing career at Westpac Travel and never looked back working for superbrands including Waterford Wedgwood and Yates.

Dianne’s strong marketing, PR, communications, brand and product management experience in the consumer goods, business to business, durables, lighting, FMCG and Higher Education sectors guarantees she will come up to speed on your business quickly designing a suitable tactical, strategic and creative campaign. 

She has successfully:

  • Created new brands from her own concept to launch
  • Grown major brands
  • Completed major re-branding projects
  • Project managed significant packaging changes
  • Designed and created new packaging 
  • Launched new products to fill a market gap
  • Developed internal and external communications plans
  • Managed and created events that have grown the business or increased brand awareness
  • Increased awareness of an organisation/brand through an integrated, creative and tactical communications campaign

To succeed, she identifies gaps in the market, researches, develops and create the new brands, products, packaging and events with her great communication, relationship, creative and project management skills. 

Dianne has established sales of over $1m just for one brands initial launch.  Her experience enables her to turn negative situations like recalls into proactive solutions with positive outcomes for both the business and the consumer; some of this came from dealing with Australian regulatory bodies decisions.

Her thorough understanding of the Australian and New Zealand regulatory system from her many years of experience at Yates with the chemical based products enables her to work effectively and quickly on any products that require regulatory approval.

Her years of working with consumer products also brings experience and knowledge of liaising and dealing with the retailers and the buyers including understanding and analysis of scan data and working with planograms and efficiency assortments.

In her role at Waterford Wedgwood, Dianne managed the PR and communications for all the brands as well as project managing all the print material and the Lord Wedgwood, Jim O’Leary and other artisan tours.  Dianne established strong relationships with food stylists, magazine editors and film, documentary and TV producers by “loaning” product to them to use on their shoots.  Dianne worked with stylists including Donna Hay, Janelle Bloom, Carolyn Fienberg and Georgina Dolling and gained significant exposure for her products.

With Dianne’s extensive and diverse experience, and lots of successes and wins, we are certain we can find a solution for your business needs.

Call Dianne on 0408 243 611